What our products are about

A very big welcome to Baby Batch Co. 

Our products are all about incorporating beautiful design as well as being useful, different and having longevity at an affordable price. Our wardrobe dividers have been lovingly designed - from the shape right down to the finish of the dividers and beautiful packaging. Everything was looked at, tested, perfected and ethically produced. We have done all of this so that our dividers are a loved, durable and reusable item that makes the most organised parent happy to have them.  We also want anyone purchasing these as a gift, be it the dividers, leggings or accessories, for a loved one to be proud to give our products as a gift. 

Not only can the dividers be used to ensure that all adorable outfits get use but they can also be re-purposed. When packing up items that your little one has outgrown the dividers can be used as size markers ready to find and use for your next arrival or to pass on to a friend or family member for their new arrivals. Another way these may be so lovely to use is by storing away your favourite outfit along with the divider of that age category and write a little note on it for your child to look at when they are older:) 

All the leggings and accessories on our site are of a high quality and have been sourced from a small city in Canada. A mother of 5, who was trying to stretch her money,  came up with the idea to make leggings for her kids that they can wear from 6 months old right up to 36 months (depending on the size of the toddler of course). She was so successful in creating these that she is now running a thriving business and has moved her operation from the basement in her house into a workshop and is still expanding. I only decided to bring some of these into my little shop as I was gifted a pair of these by a friend and I loved them SO much that I wanted to have them here. Again – organic cotton used and ethically produced items. 

I hope this helps explain what Baby Batch Co. is about – Design, usefulness and durable at an affordable price.